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Depression essay

There are many psychological problems associated with depression; explore them in your depression essays Coping with depression in these tough times, seems to be a recurring thing in many people’s lives today. When you have to write a depression essay, you realize that there are so many aspects of the whole issue that you could write about. Essays on depression could focus on the reasons for this malaise, the types of depression, the treatment and the ways of coping with it, in general. Any essay writing on depression should have a clearly defined introduction so that a good essay can be structured around it, bringing in all necessary elements.

Here are some ideas you could make use of 1. Manic depressive disorders This could be a good topic to write on. If you are keen on writing a general essay on the topic, you can do so. On the other hand, if you are keen on explaining the whole phenomenon with proper recorded examples, it would make a better impact. Manic depressive orders have often found to be the root cause of some of the most heinous crimes committed by psychotic people. There is also the evidence that most of these crimes were done under the influence of some narcotic substance or the other. Such depression essays could be like writing an essay on drugs and how they can influence a person to take the life of another.


2. Can depression be cured with an overdose of humor? This might sound like a very weird question; but it is certainly one worth thinking about. Sometimes, it is the most innocuous and simple things that could change a person’s mood. Reading something funny, watching a movie that makes you laugh or just being with a humorous person could change things. A person could morph from being sad to just plain lighthearted. Maybe, reading a funny essay could make things different. Examine all this in your depression essay and present some real fresh ideas in an enlightening way.

3. Divorce and depression These are two things that seem to go hand in hand. Of course, there are people who would love to make jokes about it and comment on the satisfied status of a divorced wife who has just won a huge alimony settlement. Instead of looking at the lighter side, it would be good to look at the state of relationships that exist between divorced people. Bringing in the element of depression into your relationship essay could give it a new and interesting hue. Of course, you need to make sure that you study the reasons for divorce in depth, before making any comments on the same.

There is one point that would be good for you to remember while working on depression essays. Do not make the essay sound like a sermon. You are analyzing a situation in your essay, being judgmental about it would not be the right thing to do. Instead of sounding like the local Sunday preacher, try to make it sound like a professional analysis. It is certain to get you good grades and comments from your teacher.

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