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Siddharth Kumar (born 20 December 2003 ) is Indian singer, record producer, voice-over and performer

Siddharth Kumar was born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar on 20 December 2003 .

He was introduced to Music at the Age of 12 and later became a trained Singer, Piano Player and Guitarist.He has a First Year Distinction degree is Vocal Music, Painting, & Guitar.

Siddharth Kumar is a verified Musical artist and Social media influencer with strong social media presence. He has massive fans following on many social media platforms. He also get verification badge at many musical platforms like Spotify,Apple music,Sound clouds etc. He claims to have intricate knowledge of social media hacks,community and algorithms on these modern and vibrant essential useful digital platforms.

He is born on 20 December 2003 and brought up in the Muzaffarpur district of bihar. social media platforms always remained his passion, So he decided to make a career in this field. He says he has proficiency in Music,Fashion modeling and social media promotion as well as entrepreneurial skills.

When Siddharth started the journey he himself wasn’t sure that he will gain this level of success. Coming from a humble background but his content is unique and popular. He makes sure that his feeds show his expertise in the latest Music,photo and Digital technologies. Many local businesses and renowned brands are approaching him for collaboration and promotional purposes. In his leisure time, he loves to Playing Cricket and read Books. In his personal life, he says he is a very Easy-Going And cool Boy.