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Ancient History Term Paper Topics

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Ancient History Term Paper Topics

• A Portrait of Visigoth Culture.

This undergraduate paper presents a portrait of Visigothic culture based upon information acquired from the books, "Lives of the Visigothic Fathers and Goths in the Fourth Century".

• A Thief of Time

Although Tony Hillerman’s A Thief of Time is a work of fiction, it could serve just as well as a primer on anthropology because in the course of the action of the novel the characters address all four of the subfields of anthropology, including linguistics (which is the study both of language development and of the ways in which language and culture interact with each other); physical anthropology (which is the study of human and our close primate relatives and how we have developed over time – via evolutionary pressures – into the species that we are today); archaeology (which is the practice of searching for the material remains of the past through excavation and related techniques) and cultural anthropology (which covers the core concepts of the discipline, looking at how all humans belong to certain groups within which individuals share habits, beliefs, customs, language and material culture).

• Addressing the Nature of Complexity in the Hunter- Gatherer Societies.

This paper demonstrates that while the term of "hunter- gatherer" can be applied to a specific type of social behavior where prehistoric human beings acquired food through hunting or gathering, and that complexity is a progressive event among human communities.

• Advantages and Pitfalls of Anthropological Fieldwork

Anthropologists often take on the role of an explorer as they set out to explore societies and cultures with little records. Fieldwork is a strenuous process for anthropologists because they need to discover social behaviors and institutions through the observations of day-to-day events. For this reason, anthropologists spend longer time in the field than other social scientists.

• Age Differences in African Foraging Patterns: Developmental or Environmental

This paper focuses on children living in foraging societies and the differences between the Hadza tribes and the Kung tribes in Africa. Hadza children forage at a very young age of three and the Kung don't forage until they are 14, despite other similarities found in both tribes.

• Ajanta Cave One: Mahajanaka Jata.

This master's paper discusses the Ajanta caves. It will specifically analyze the first cave i.e. the Mahajanaka Jataka and will attempt to establish a relationship between the mudras of traditional dance and the paintings.

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