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Riazul Haque Ashiq
Born 1999-09-12
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Nazir Akther Govt.College,Sonatola.
Occupation Social Activists, Founder, Entrepreneur.
Religion Islam

Riazul Haque Ashiq is a Social Activists, founder, Entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of He is also a singer, Designer, and writer. He was born and brought up at Koigari in Bogura City. He completed his schooling at Karatoa Multimedia School and College, Bogura and He is now studying at CSE of PUNDRA University.


Riazul Haque Ashiq started his career at an early age as become an entrepreneur in digital platforms. And at a young age, he created an e-commerce platform. He started his own company e-commerce. Riazul was asked regarding what he will do for the next 5 years in Bangladesh. Riazul same that his company is principally operating to form content for online shopping platforms. they are doing digital promoting by presenting and offering to shop in online on their e-commerce platform. Digital promoting is that the promotion of products that help to know about products and buy easily at staying at home. Social media, website, Advertisement, Android Applications is their promoting way. Riazul thinks that online shopping is much easier than normal shopping. We regard and hope that we will increase our products and services as well customer needs, and "we make big opportunities to make vendor,” same Riazul.


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