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Slogan Latest Online Bangla News
Commercial? No
Type of site Newspapers
Registration Required for editing
Available in Bangla
Owner Md Sayful Islam
Launched 01 Jan 2021
Current status Active

Patrika71 is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. All the news from home and abroad is published here all the time. This newspaper is being operated from Bangladesh.

This newspaper was started on 01-01-2021. In a very short period of time, this newspaper has won the love of millions of people. Here all the news from home and abroad is being published.

The slogan used for this magazine is "We are in search of truth". The main purpose of this magazine is to present the whole world to the people.

We are the first to publish all the news in the online world. Patrika71 is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. We are at the top level of Bangladesh. First of all, we present the true facts to the people. Our only job is to present the true facts to the people.

Organization Management:

This organization is run by "Md. Sayful Islam. There is another newspaper of the same organization 'Kaler Post". These two newspapers are being broadcast from all over Bangladesh. These two online portals are being operated in the complete Bengali language.

Portal Details:

This is an online portal. Thousands of online news are published here every day. Different news of different departments is published. It is not a print magazine.

Regular Events:

The magazine is organized by Ekattur - News, Editorial, News, International, Sports, Entertainment, Study, Opinion, Money-Trade, Message, Health, Coronavirus, National, Accident Corruption, Feature Page. There are also many more different categories. News happens whenever something happens. We are ready to publish the news immediately.

Social Projects:

In addition to serving the news, the magazine Ekattar is involved in various social activities. These include "blood donation, counter-terrorism, and anti-drug movements." All the money comes from the financial contribution of the readers. For this purpose, Patrika Ekattar Trust has been established.


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