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[[File:Media:Example.jpg]]{{Infobox person

| name = Saad Islam


| image = IMG_20210110_170450_Bokeh-02-02.jpeg

| birth_name = Saad Islam

| birth_date = 1994

| birth_place = Bangladesh

| nationality = Bangladeshi

| education = BSc in Computer Engineering (1st Class), North South University. MSc in Business, Management & Organisations

| occupation = Computer Engineer, Author

| known_for = Book Author, Philanthropist


Saad Islam was born in 1994 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Saad is a computer engineer, writer and bestselling author of 3 books. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering with First Class Honours from North South University, Bangladesh in 2019. He completed his Master’s Degree, with a double specialisation in Business, Management & Organisations and in Marketing from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia in 2021.

Writing Career

Saad Islam had his first book, "Legend" published in July 2019. In September 2021, he had his first big break when he published “How to become a successful student” and “Dreaming Raindrops”. Both went on to reach the Top 5 English Bestselling books in Bangladesh. These two books also were one of the first books by a Bangladeshi author to be sold in paperback and hardcover in more than 20 countries.