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Joshua Boyle is a Canadian author, webmaster, and human rights worker.

Early life

Boyle was born in the Waterloo region of Ontario, in a Mennonite family. He was home-schooled for part of his education, and attended the University of Waterloo.

Following his graduation he worked as a webmaster, while being a prolific volunteer on the wikipedia. Much of his wikipedia work focussed on terrorism and counter-terrorism.

It was while working on the wikipedia's coverage of terrorism and counter-terrorism that he became acquainted with members of the Khadr family. In 2008 Zaynab pitched a tent on the grounds of Parliament Hill, and went on a hunger strike, to attract attention to the injustice she perceived in the captivity of her brothers Omar, and Abdullah. Boyle accompained her, to provide logistical support.

The pair married quietly, in a private ceremony, a few months later.

The marriage became public knowledge when a sharp-eyed reporter noticed a police report of the theft of his laptop during a visit to his parents. His parent's house was subjected to a mysterious break-in during the visit.

The marriage ended amicably approximately two years later.