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Dada AsTra

Dada AsTra in 2018
Native name Dada AsTra
Born 2018
Nationality Bangladeshi


Dada AsTra from Bangladesh People known as Yeasen arafat adetto. [1] Dada AsTra name was kept in 2018. Yeasen arafat adetto has been using this name for 6 years. [2] Yeasen arafat adetto will Upload Music to YouTube.[3]


Yeasen arafat adetto was a spammer on Facebook in 2018, then he read the story of a hacker. his name is AsTra when he likes his name and since then he using his name Dada AsTra[4]. Yeasen arafat adetto wanted a hacker but he couldn't be for his family. actually His family did not allow him to this.


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