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Chandan Das Ponishare-verified.png

Chandan Das
Native name চন্দন দাশ Ponishare-verified.png
Born 25 November, 2005
Nabiganj, Bangladesh
Residence Fatepur, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Turjo
Citizenship Bangladesh
Education Fatepur Government Primary School
SNP High School and College
SNP High School and College
Occupation Student
Years active 2019 to Present
Known for Video Creator.
Notable works Photographer
Style Normal
Home town Nabiganj
Height (5.6ft)
Weight "50 kg"
Religion Hindu
Spouse Unmarried

Chandan Das Ponishare-verified.png (Bengali: চন্দন দাশ; 25 November 2005) is a Bangladeshi Video Createor noted for his Motivational and Social awareness Video. He is considered a growing Bengali creator video of the 2022s. He has not yet received any Award. He is most notable for making funny videos. The video is specially make for teenagers, who suffering depression at an early age.

Early Life

chandan das is born on 25 November 2005 in Fatepur to Chanu das and Sabitri rani das. He was a student of SNP High School & College. From this school, he passed Junior School Certificate (JSC) in 2019 and from SNP high school and College he passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in 2022.


Recognizable Quotes

নিজের স্বপ্নকে এতোটা সময় দিন, যাতে আপনাকে একবার চোখে দেখাটাও মানুষের স্বপ্ন হয়ে যায়।

Collection of Books


Single Track:

  • Love Me or Hate Me
  • Let's Play


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