Baran Dogan

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Baran Dogan
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Social Media Influencer
Born Basel, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Occupation Elementary school teacher
Known for Boxer, Influencer

About Baran Dogan

Anil Baran Dogan was born in Switzerland on August 11, 1998.


Baran Dogan, an amateur boxer, has been deeply involved in sports since his early years. Initially aspiring to become a football player or excel in track and field athletics, his journey into boxing commenced at the age of 18. Introduced to the sport when accompanying a colleague to trial training at the Boxclub in Basel, Dogan began regular training and had his inaugural amateur fight within the same year.

While Dogan does not have a specific boxing role model, he appreciates the strengths and weaknesses inherent in every boxer. Despite his passion for boxing, his commitments as an elementary school teacher limit his training to 10 hours per week. He has relinquished the pursuit of a professional boxing career but remains dedicated to enhancing his skills and maintaining fitness levels.

Beyond boxing, the 24-year-old Dogan is multifaceted. He has a musical inclination, having played a Turkish stringed instrument for seven years from the age of ten, and took clarinet lessons, performing in an orchestra during his adolescence. Proficient in drums, Dogan showcased his musical talents in front of sizable audiences from a young age.

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