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The ALIREAZ[1] means
Reaz Ali
: Reaz Ali Verified (Gender Male) (Born 1980), Known as ALIREAZ[2]. He is a Bangladeshi, Amirican Brand Designer[3](Brand Designer[4]), based in New York, United States of America. - WIKITIA Everybody Wiki Wikimedia Fandom Wiki WikiAlpha ⓘ Statements Section Name(s), Portraits(s), Signature(s) of Individual(s) The Name(s), Portrait(s), and/or Signature(s) Shown in the Mark Identifies Reaz Ali, Whose Consent(s) to Register is Made of Record.)[5]


ALIREAZ[6] is the acronym[7][8] for "Reaz Ali[9][10]" (Gender: Male Born: 1980 in Dhaka, Bangladesh), who founded ALIREAZ INC[11] in his name and is widely known as "ALIREAZ". In addition, he has completed a Diploma in graphic design (Brand Designer) and speaks fluently in 4 languages: Bangla, English, Urdu, and Hindi. He is a Bangladeshi[12] based in New York, United States. In 2013 he moved to New York, the United States and he started his own business[13] as "ALIREAZ"[14] internationally with affiliated and associated foreign branches, which was officially[15] executed in 2010.

In More Languages

In more languages
Language Name Known as
English Reaz Ali ALIREAZ
Bangla (বাংলা) রিয়াজ আলী আলীরিয়াজ
Urdu (اردو) ​علی ریاز علیریاض
Hindi (हिन्दी) रियाज़ अली अलीरियाज़

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