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The ALIREAZ[1] means
: Reaz Ali ⓘ (Gender Male) (Born 1980), Known as ALIREAZ[2]. He is a Bangladeshi, Amirican Brand Designer[3](Brand Designer[4]), based in New York, United States of America. - External Source: WIKITIA

ⓘ Statements Section Name(s), Portraits(s), Signature(s) of Individual(s) The Name(s), Portrait(s), and/or Signature(s) Shown in the Mark Identifies Reaz Ali, Whose Consent(s) to Register is Made of Record.)[5]


ALIREAZ[6] is the acronym[7][8] for "Reaz Ali[9][10]" (Gender: Male Born: 1980 in Dhaka, Bangladesh), who founded ALIREAZ INC[11] in his name and is widely known as "ALIREAZ". In addition, he has completed a Diploma in graphic design (Brand Designer) and speaks fluently in 4 languages: Bangla, English, Urdu, and Hindi. He is a Bangladeshi[12] based in New York, United States. In 2013 he moved to New York, the United States and he started his own business[13] as "ALIREAZ"[14] internationally with affiliated and associated foreign branches, which was officially[15] executed in 2010.

In More Languages

In more languages
Language Name Description Known as
English Reaz Ali Its Given Name (Reaz) & Surname (Ali) that combinedly turn to ALIREAZ ALIREAZ
Bangla (বাংলা) রিয়াজ আলী এর প্রদত্ত নাম (রিয়াজ) এবং উপাধি (আলি) যা সম্মিলিতভাবে হয় আলীরিয়াজ আলীরিয়াজ
Urdu (اردو) ریاز علی اس کا دیا ہوا نام (ریاز) اور کنیت (علی) جو مشترکہ طور پر علی ریاز میں علی ریاز
Hindi (हिन्दी) रियाज़ अली इसका दिया गया नाम (रियास) और उपनाम (अली) जो संयुक्त रूप से में बदल के होता हैं अलीरियास अलीरियाज़
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