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Al Raihan Ponishare-verified.png

Picture of Al Raihan
Born Raano
October 07, 2001
Nolbunia, Pirojpur, Borisal, Bangladesh
Residence Pirojpur
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Gaming

Al Raihan (Bangla: আল রায়হান; born: October 7, 2001) is a Bangladeshi YouTuber and Social Media Influencer (Official Facebook Partner) who posts videos on Games, Vlogs, and Music.

Early Life

Al Raihan Al Raihan began his professional YouTube career by opening the YouTube channel ‘Al Raihan’. The channel achieved the huge hype within a very short time, the channel earned over 500k subscribers and 70 million views end of 2017. He is one of the biggest contributors to YouTube’s popularity in Bangladesh. The young people have won the content of millions of YouTube viewers. Due to which he is now the number one YouTube in the country.

He said that the number of subscribers to his channel 'Al Raihan' has now exceeded 1 lakh 3 thousand. This is the highest among YouTubers in the country. Even his channel is one of the fastest-growing channels.

He said, ‘I am growing up with my parents’ ideals. All my videos are monitored by parents. He told me to take up all the land. Do not make any negative view of Bangladesh in the court of the world. That’s how I work. And the audience is accepting me as well


Now Al Raihan is a Famous Streamer and Content Creator on both Facebook and YouTube Platforms. His gaming video is so popular on social media. He is also an Official Partner of Facebook from 1 August 2021. He became very popular within a short time