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UpDown Level
Native name UpDown Level

Armenia, Yerevan

Mikoyan 7, apt 350090
Occupation Music Producer

Suren Davtyan the Music Producer, CEO and founder of UpDownLevel Music Producing Label. He was born in Poland, but He is an Armenian. He is so excited about running his own Label with talented Producers and Artists. So, He want to tell you more about the Label.


I’m 25 now. I started my music career at 15. It was kind of fun for me and my friends to make some trash beats and vibe on them. At 2018 I have started to take it all serious by having my first beat sales. In my experience I struggled with some marketing issues and I went deeper into discovering social Media marketing, YouTube SEO and streaming promotion Strategies. It helped me a lot in branding my music and finding ways to get the right sound for bigger audiences.

Right now I have my own UpDown Level Music Producing Label where so many talented producers and artists gathered. Our main goal is to be a part of world music industry! We run so fast that soon our music will be heard everywhere. So, The Label collects the best producers and Artists to bring it all to the Next Level.

The Label doesn't only distribute and promote your best tracks but also helps you to learn the most necessary skills for music Networking.

The cooperation strategy that we have developed is trusted by a hard work of years. Our Label members now enjoy the opportunities and advantages that the Label provides. We welcome all new talented producers and artists to join our team and reach the best goals together.


What's the next Level?

-There will be less talks and more success... -My mission is to bring the valuable music to the table and change the Music Industry.


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