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Ultimate Fire
JustIToys character
JustIToys Ultimate Fire box
Created by

Aliases Great Changer
Species Transformer


Robot team of justice
Alternate mode

Cybertronian car/Cybertronian jet/laser pistol/tank/winged wolf
Tech specs

ST10 IN10 SP09 EN10

RN09 CO09 FB10 SK10

Ultimate Fire is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Greatshot made by JustIToys in 2012.


Ultimate Fire is a third-party Transformer homage to 1987 Transformers Autobot Greatshot.

When Justitoys teased this toy they called it Great Changer, but the final product was called Ultimate Fire. Although teased as a remold with new heads, the final product for Ultimate Fire has the same heads as Solo Assault Group. The biography for Ultimate Fire refers to his beast mode as a "rhino" despite it being a winged wolf, like Solo Assault Group.

Ultimate Fire's tech specs make him out to be nearly perfect, with incredible physical and mental prowess, as well as carrying impressive firepower. He is also a high ranking member of the robot team of justice.


In November 2011 Robot Kingdom announced they were offering "Great Changer" as an exclusive, which was to be released in the first quarter of 2012.[1]

Ultimate Fire was released in September 2012. Between taking preorders and the release, Robot Kingdom discontinued carrying third-party Transformers that were based on Hasbro molds, including all of JustIToys WST Robots. Preorders were shipped, and the remainder of the stock were offered for sale off-site through email.


Fictional biography

A ninja-like robot, Ultimate Fire took a while to become a member of the robot team of justice. Of course, even after he did he still prefers to do things his own way. Ultimate Fire's six modes, ranging from robot to rhino, make him one of the most lethal warriors of it's allies.


  • JustIToys WST Robots Ultimate Fire (2012)
A recolor of Solo Assault Group sold exclusively by Robot Kingdom. Includes two guns, chest shield, instructions, labels and collector card. Limited to 500 pieces.
The instructions for Ultimate Fire refer to him as Military Transport, while the label sheet calls him Solo Assault Group, both names of older JustIToys releases.



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