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Tyrannicon was a general of the Sharkticons in the Aligned Continuity of the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity


Transformers: Retribution introduced Tyrannicon as an artificially created Sharkticon designed to be the leader of the Quintessons' Sharkticon hordes. After the Autobots and Decepticons arrived on Aquatron, the Quintessons awakened him and his legions to restrain them. Tyrannicon was subsequently deployed through a Spacebridge to invade Cybertron, expressing his confidence in capturing the planet and even subduing Primus himself. He proved a formidable warrior, defeating both Omega Supreme and the Constructicons in battle. However, the actions of Megatron caused the other Sharkticons to rebel, and Tyrannicon returned to Aquatron to confront him. He soon defeated the Decepticon leader, but was then destroyed by Hydratron.