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Turbo Cash is an option by the company Meridianbet D.O.O. (brand name: meridianbet) that allows the payment of tickets in a certain monetary value, before the end of all matches played. [1][2][3]

Turbo Cash is an option that is valid for open tickets, ie automatic turbo payment that allows the payment of tickets at any time. Allows an open ticket to be paid out before the end of all matches (events), for a predetermined monetary value. The requirement for realization of Turbo Cash is that each selection from the ticket is open (active), and there are no limitations in the number of winning selections.

To payoff funds using Turbo Cash option, it is necessary to meet several conditions that are defined by Meridian sports betting terms of use.

Conditions for realization the Turbo Cash option

To use Turbo Cash, regardless of whether bets are formed in retail bookmakers and online (desktop, mobile, meridianbet application), it is necessary that all events are active, without significant changes that may affect the result. events and quotas.

Turbo Cash is an option that is not available for Handicap and Over / Under bets, if the limit on these games has changed in the meantime, it applies to system tickets, but not to double signs and triplets. The Turbo Cash option is also not available if basketball or tennis matches are on the ticket, as well as if a bonus odds have been played. Doesn't apply to tickets played using a Bonus account.

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