Tryon 3Z/Mega Gundam and Melissa Destiny

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Melissa Destiny
Mobile Super Robot Gundam Invincible Tryon 3Z character
Anyone who pisses her off will find themselves six feet under......

Nickname(s) Destiny
Species Human/Newtype
Gender Female
Occupation "Hero Of NG City"
Family The Destiny Family
Significant other(s) Not yet
Children Not yet
Relatives Unknown
Nationality American

"I'm FUCKING SICK and tired of you tormenting me over, and over, and OVER AGAIN! All you've done is destroy my life.....WHAT THE HELL EVEN ARE YOU ANYMORE?! Are you a COWARD?! A WEAKLING?! ARE YOU JUST "PRETENDING" TO BE "GOD" JUST TO HIDE HOW SCARED YOU ARE?! Or are you a fighter, and you as strong as you think you are?! (Tryon generates an aura resembling a monstrous version of Destiny. Its face becomes a furious grimace.) FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME UNTIL YOU DIE AND BURN IN HELL! Or you can RUN AWAY! Stay a COWARD for the rest of your life! YOU THINK I WON'T KILL YOU?! YOU THINK I WON'T END YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY FOR PUTTING YOU IN THIS WORLD?!' prove ANYTHING, THEN FIGHT ME! WE'LL SEE WHO DIES IN THIS WORLD! WE'LL SEE WHO SUFFERS THIS TIME! - Destiny lashing out at Nadine for ALL the pain she's caused her.

Melissa Destiny (often simply referred to as "Destiny") is the main protagonist of one of my Gundam fanfics, Mobile Super Robot Gundam Invincible Tryon 3Z. She is a homage to Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill and the pilot of the titular mobile suit, Tryon 3Z.


Destiny's appearance is not described explicitly, but is stated to sport "messy yellow hair". Judging by the sprite in the infobox, it leaves little to the imagination.


Based on the ZZ Gundam, Tryon 3Z looks very similar to the former, but with very noticeable differences. Its color scheme is now primarily blue, red, and yellow. It has a lion shaped chestplate and its v-fin resembles Daitarn 3's "horns". It sports yellow claws on its knees, dubbed the "Z Breakers" and two cannons mounted on its backpack, known as the "Double Beam Cannons". In its first two appearances, it more closely resembled the original ZZ Gundam. However, it gained its Daitarn-like v-fin due to absorbing high amounts of EX Energy. When it was upgraded by Team Gundam, it recieved its Brave-like "lion-chest" and its wing shields were removed. Later, Marji would upgrade it further, using the salvaged remains of her Hanran-Shojo Fumina. In this new form, Tryon is described by Destiny as appearing similar to the former with the latter's parts "glued all over it". Tryon is often referred to as "Tryon Hanran Custom", the "Mega Gundam", and "Try-Fumina Z" by Marji and Ander.

Tryon 3Z's Abilites

Unlike most Gundams(or mobile suits for that matter), Tryon 3Z is a super robot. As such, it is capable of several impressive feats. The suit's weaponry is based on that of attacks from classic super robot anime of the 70s and 80s. These include:

Booster Arm: Tryon can fire off its fist at its opponents like rockets.

V Stagger: Tryon's v-fin isn't just for show: the mobile suit can throw it at the enemy or even use it as a melee weapon.

Double Beam Cannons: Tryon can fire deadly beams of energy from the cannons on its back. They were modified into a working replica of the ZZ Gundam's Double Beam Rifle.

High Mega Beam Cannon: Tryon can fire a powerful blast of energy from the cannon in its forehead. This is apparently a reference to Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam. This was upgraded into the Mega Eye Blaster

Beam Sabers: Tryon can use its beam sabers for melee combat. Unlike most mobile suits, which store their beam sabers in a hardpoint somewhere on their bodies, Tryon is capable of pulling them out of thin air, thanks to its Hyper Try Singularity Generator.

Hyper Blade: Tryon's signature weapon: A huge sword which is powerful enough to slice several buildings in half.

Mega Glare: Tryon can fire a deadly beam of energy from its chest. This weapon was removed when Marji modified Tryon. Missile Launchers: Tryon can fire a powerful barrage of missiles from its body. Giga Blade Bolas: Installed in Tryon's arms are grappling hook-like devices.

Other Abilities

Flight: Tryon 3Z is equipped with powerful "Try Zeta-type" rocket/vernier thrusters, allowing it to fly at high speeds and even traverse through outer space.

Venus Drive: When Tryon was upgraded by Marji, it also received the Venus Drive. This system works similarly to the Berserk System, greatly increasing the mobile suit's power. The Venus Drive is activated by the pilot's anger and when activated, Tryon displays two characteristics:

1.) Large, feathery wings.

2.) A reddish aura which can assume the form of the pilot.