Tricky Enough

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Tricky Enough
Industry Information Technology
Founder(s) Robin Khokhar
Headquarters Watford, London
Area served Worldwide
Key people Robin Khokhar
Employees 25

Tricky Enough is a guest blogging and tech news platform founded in 2015 by Robin Khokhar.[1] Serving a global audience, it provides a user-friendly interface across 60+ categories related to technology, business, and digital marketing, enabling experts to share their knowledge and insights.[2]


Tricky Enough was founded on October 5, 2015, by Robin Khokhar as a blogging website. Over time, it evolved into a comprehensive digital/tech news platform, allowing people to share expertise across 60+ categories. Initially covering a few areas like SEO and business, it now encompasses diverse tech-related topics through posts, news, and tools.[3]


Tricky Enough is a guest blogging platform focused on technology. Similar to Medium and Vocal Media, it allows users to publish posts, news articles, and tools related to technology, business, online marketing, and advertising. It aims to provide a platform for sharing digital expertise and insights.[4]


Robin Khokhar, the founder of Tricky Enough,[5] was born in Amritsar, a city in Punjab, India. After completing his schooling at St. Francis School, he pursued a master’s degree from Shahzada Nand College of Technology. His keen interest in leveraging the latest technologies paved the way for his entrepreneurial journey.[6]

Khokhar began his career as an SEO executive at a small company. In October 2015, he ventured into blogging alongside starting a new digital marketing agency. It was in October of the same year that he founded the website “Tricky Enough,” which later transformed into a comprehensive digital media and advertising platform. Concurrently, he established “Enough Clicks,” a digital marketing agency, further showcasing his passion for the online realm.

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