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Tranzor ZXV character
MazinKitty Z.jpg
Even bands need a giant robot now and then....
Created by

Japanese name

Mazinger Z
Model Number

Species Giant Battle Robot/Defender Unit
Gender None


Pink Slip

Anna Coleman

The ESTF Ultra-Mech Robot Defender Unit-01 "Tranzor" is the titular mech of one of my fanfics, Tranzor ZXV. Piloted by Anna Coleman, Tranzor is the first prototype in a series of super robots called "Defender Units", created by the Earth Safeguarding Task Force for the purpose of neutralizing global catastrophic risks. Meant to be Earth's last line of defense against all manner of threats, the project was eventually abandoned due to a mysterious incident. Tranzor would later be discovered in a junkyard(actually the remains of the base where Tranzor was being worked on.) in Sunset Ridge by Anna Coleman, who became its new pilot. Anna would pilot Tranzor in her battles against her rival, Stacey Hinkhouse and her new friend, Mitsy Adams.


In its debut, Tranzor looked exactly its [Japanese counterpart]. After being modified by Peg, it now sports Hello Kitty-like aesthetics, including a bow-shaped heat sink and a color scheme representing Hello Kitty's clothing. In Volume 2, it was repaired after its battle with Giga-Stacitsy and Robo-Harry in the first volume. It appears the same, except that its right hand is now black, larger and sports a golden ring decorated with small knobs on the wrist.

Powers and Abilites

Being a Defender Unit, which is a super robot, Tranzor is capable of performing several impossible feats.