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Transwarp is a type of travel featured in various Science fiction franchises.



Generation 1

The term Transwarp first appeared in the Transformers franchise in the Beast Wars animated series, serving as a new means of instellar propulsion for the Maximals and Predacons. In a notable departure from other science fiction franchises, this version of Transwarp was depicted as being capable of moving ships through space and time under ordinary circumstances; the propulsion methods of other franchises typically depicted Space travel as the norm and Time travel as being possible only under special circumstances. This property enabled the ships Axalon and Darkside to travel to prehistoric Earth, some three million years before the present day.

Star Trek

The term was also used in the Star Trek franchise, most notably in Star Trek: Voyager, where it was a means of incredibly fast travel utilized by a number of species, most notably the Borg.