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Personal Identity

Towhid Ahsan (তাওহীদ আহ্সান) is a Bangladeshi artist, actor and writer. He was born on 08 May 2003 at Barishal, Bangladesh. His father's name is Salam Ahsan and his mother's name is Rina Ahsan. Among the four brothers and sisters, Towhid Ahsan is the youngest.

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He finished his school life in 2019 from YWCA Nursery School Barishal and Barishal Zilla School. Now currently studying at Barishal Polytechnic Institute (Diploma in Engineering)

Childhood thoughts

From his school days, Towhid was so fond of listening to music on different genres. Being inspired and dreamful by that, he wanted to be a musician. His deep passion and determination for music made him self-influenced and that took him a step forward.


As well as artist, he likes to acting, he will be seen as a model in her own music video, and she has already worked in various short films. He has a YouTube channel, which has a total of 5 members including him, who regularly make different types of videos and upload them to their channel, their channel name is "The Limitless Boys" In early July he founded a band and named it "Band Foring"

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