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Transformers character
Generation 1 Off Road Patrol on card
Name Tote
Japanese name Flak
Series Transformers: Generation 1
First appearance "King Con!", The Transformers #54 by Marvel Comics, July 1989
Alternate modes Mini-Van
Function Covert Activities
Gender Male
Partner Highjump, Mudslinger and Powertrain
Sub-group Micromaster Off Road Patrol

Tote is a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Tote is an Autobot Micromaster who turns into a red mini-van and is a member of the Micromaster Off Road Patrol.

Fictional biography

This quartet has an independence streak that runs as long as the Appalachian Trail. Experts at covert operations. Always work well together in any combat situation. Specialize in going where no one's ever gone and doing what no one's ever done. Continually caught up in some sort of enemy intrigue. Autobot Command trusts them to come up with brilliant counter-measures to be sprung on the Decepticons.


Dreamwave Productions

Mudslinger appeared in the Micromasters series. He was among the Micromasters created on Cybertron during the energon shortages of the last great war.

IDW Publishing

Tote was among the Micromasters who appeared in Spotlight: Hardhead and attacked Nightbeat and Hardhead on the planet Gorlam Prime.[1]

Marvel Comics

The Micromaster Off Road Patrol first appeared in issue #54 of the Marvel Transformers comic in a story called "King Con!" In this story Optimus Prime and Hi-Q receive reinforcements from Cybertron in the form of the Micromaster Race Car and Off Road Patrols. The Off Road Patrol is sent to investigate a monster sighting in New Jersey and discover the Decepticon Pretenders Skullgrin and Iguanus. The two patrols eventually ruin the Decepticon's plans and decide to stay in New York City.[2]


  • Generation 1 Micromaster Off Road Patrol (1989)
Four original molds sold only as a set.


  2. The Transformers #54 by Marvel Comics

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