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Tornado is a Decepticon in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Marvel Comics

Tornado was introduced as a member of a saboteur team from Vos who attempted to plant a bomb that would lead the city of Tarn to war with the city of Iacon, only to be caught and trigger a war between his home city and Tarn instead. He later joined the Decepticons, who were born from this conflict, but was later branded a traitor and forced to battle Earthquake. Tornado, a warrior of incredible speed, found his agility countered by Earthquake's sheer power, and their conflict resulted in the destruction of both. Millions of years later, this event inspired Megatron as he sought a means of eliminating the treacherous Starscream.

Fun Publications

Another version of Tornado was introduced in Transformers: Hoist the Flag! as Ferak's Targetmaster partner and one of the Star Seekers.


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