Tomiwa Elijah Orunnipin

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Tomiwa Elijah Orunnipin Verified.png Tomiwa Orunnipin.jpg
Native name Tomiwa Elijah Orunnipin
Born Ketu, Lagos
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Life Freedom Advocate

Tomiwa Elijah Orunnipin embarked on an incredible journey of transformation over the past year. His story began in Electric and Electronic Engineering, where Tomiwa Orunnipin honed his skills and spent 8 fulfilling years contributing to the dynamic field within an esteemed oil and gas company.

Feeling a strong call to pursue his passion for empowering others, Tomiwa Elijah Orunnipin made a pivotal decision to resign and dive headfirst into the realm of entrepreneurship. His mission? To guide individuals towards financial freedom through the powerful avenue of direct selling.

In this pursuit, Tomiwa Orunnipin founded the global community known as Leverage Circle Hub. It's not just a community; it's a thriving ecosystem where dreams are nurtured and goals are achieved. Through Leverage Circle Hub, Tomiwa conducts life-changing sessions, sharing insights, strategies, and the wisdom gained from his entrepreneurial journey.

Curious minds can delve deeper into my vision and the incredible stories unfolding within our community on his official website. There, you'll discover more about the transformative experiences of those who have joined on this path to total freedom.