Titan Roulette

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Titan Roulette
Publisher(s) https://expanse.studio/
Release date(s) 2020
Genre(s) Web game, Casino game, Roulette
Mode(s) Single player

Titan Roulette is a casino game from the online casino game producer Expanse Studio, created in 2020 as a web game.[1] This online casino game comes with all predispositions of the European Roulette. [2]

Game Specification and Functioning

Titan Roulette includes the roulette wheel, ball, chips, and the table for setting bets. There are 36 numbers and a 0 on the wheel, that is, 37 fields, and the purpose of the game is to guess a number or a group of numbers. Numbers are distributed as red and black, while the zero is green. [3]

There are three types of stakes on the Titan Roulette, just as the European Roulette. Internal, external and stakes on number groups. This casino game allows retrack option, followed by the option of betting on adjacent numbers, and picking chips is very simple. Option of erasing all stakes is available, as well as the function of doubling stakes. Titan Roulette enables selecting speed of spinning using the function Start/Spin. [4]

Titan Roulette can be found at Meridian Gaming.


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