Tino Hernandez

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Tino Hernandez
Born Southern California
Other names Sharktino
Years active 2004-present
Organization EUNO
Apex Holdings
Apex Automations
Branding Apex
Dial Sharks
Shark Consulting

Tino Hernandez, also known as Sharktino, is a serial entrepreneur and fintech leader based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is recognized for his ideas and strategies in the business world.[1]

Early life and career

Tino Hernandez moved to Arizona in 2004 and enlisted in the United States Army, completing multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. After his military service, he returned to Phoenix and decided to pursue a career in sales.[2]

In 2014, Hernandez made a significant decision by investing in bitcoin, at a time when the technology was still relatively new and not widely accepted. Despite the perceived risk, his investment turned out to be successful when he traded the bitcoin for an alternative coin that saw a return on investment of 7000%. This success enabled him to leave his corporate job and start his own cryptocurrency company, EUNO, with a team of professionals located globally.[3]

In addition to EUNO, Hernandez also owns a number of other businesses, including Apex Holdings, Apex Automations, Branding Apex, Dial Sharks, and Shark Consulting. He has also held roles as a sales and consulting leader, and has been featured in various publications for his work in these areas.[1][3][2]

An interview with Tino Hernandez, a serial entrepreneur, was conducted by APN News.[4] The interview focused on his experiences and perspectives as a business person.


Tino Hernandez has been acknowledged for his involvement in the fintech industry and for his impact on the business world. He has been referred to as an "emerging entrepreneur".[2]


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