Theodore Gaillard Hunt

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Theodore Gaillard Hunt
Born 1805-10-23
Charleston, South Carolina
Died 1893-11-15
New Orleans, Louisiana
Term 1853 - 1855
Political party Whig

Theodore Gaillard Hunt (October 23, 1805 – November 15, 1893) was a member of the U. S. House of Representatives representing the state of Louisiana. He served one term as a Whig. In 1854, he ran for Congress and lost as a candidate of the American (Know-Nothing) Party.[1]


Hunt was born in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to being a member of Congress, Hunt was district attorney for New Orleans, member of the state House of Representative for sixteen years, and later a judge.

During the American Civil War, Hunt was the colonel of the 5th Louisiana Infantry in 1861-62 and later a brigadier general in the Louisiana militia. After New Orleans fell into Union hands, Hunt, who had opposed secession, resigned from the Confederate Army and became Adjutant General of Union Louisiana.[2]

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