Theo J Ellis

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Theo J Ellis
Born South Manchester, UK
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality English
Education Mechanics
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for Anime Motivation

Theo J Ellis was born in South Manchester, Levenshulme and always has been drawn to business and more specifically to entrepreneurship. The thing he loves more than most is the process of creating, building, and expressing himself.[1]

He is the founder of the #1 anime site in the UK called Anime Motivation which has been rated in the top 15 anime websites in 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. Theo work best in environments where he able to put his mind and creativity to good use.[2]

Early Life

Theo started from the bottom of the bottom, and he is proud of that. This is because it made him tougher, stronger, and providing a wider perspective than most would have if they already “had it all”. Throughout his teenage years he was lost, but very observant and curious.[3] His curiosity is really what kept him going.

After the failure at school, Theo went to college for 2 years studying mechanics, then went on studying music tech for a year. While in college he bought and sold products to make money. However, both college courses were useless, except for the fact he was exercising his curiosity and how he was going to start a business.[4]

Just Be Real

Theo started diving into everything he needed to know about self-employment, starting a business, taxes, and so on. It led him to the journey of personal development. Later he started one of the top 100 personal development sites - Just Be Real in November 2012.[5] To share his “life” and express all the opinions he kept bottled up for so many years. Since then, Theo has been expressing himself and has learned how to attract 1,000,000’s visitors online.

Anime Motivation

Theo came up with this business name first by writing down a list of topics on one side of a sheet of paper. Forming a long list, he started combining topics and eventually stumbled on Anime + Motivation.[6] He wanted the business name to have a meaning, something that would help it stand out.

Seeing as motivation isn't a thing in the anime community in terms of content marketing, it made perfect sense. This is how Theo founded Anime Motivation and it seems to be resonating surprisingly well ever since.[7]

Notable Quotes

One of Theo's favourite quotes is:[8]

"Not giving up on yourself, is what's truly important, that way you don't end up pathetic"


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