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The art of her deal is an unauthorized biography, by Mary Jordan, of Melania Trump, the third wife of President Donald Trump.[1] The title is a reference to Trump: The Art of the Deal, the first book credited to Donald Trump. It was published in June 2020.


Jordan, who won a Pulitzer Prize, in 2003, interviewed close to one hundred people, in five nations, who knew Mrs Trump, including from her youth, and her time as a fashion model.[2][3]


Melania did not immediately follow her husband to Washington, when he took office.[4] Jordan claims the official justification, that Melania was staying in New York City because Barron Trump needed to finish his school year there was false. She claimed Melania stalled in order to renegotiate the terms of her prenuptial agreement.

Jordan reports Mrs Trump and her step-daughter Ivanka Trump each have uncomplimentary nicknames for one another.[3] Mrs Trump refers to her step-daughter as "The Princess", while Ivanka refers to Mrs Trump as "The Portrait".


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