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Staff at the JTF-GTMO Public Affairs Office that publishes The Wire -- in a Pros vs. GI Joes match.

The Wire is a weekly publication published by Joint Task Force Guantanamo, in Cuba[1][2][3][4] -- the unit responsible for the extrajudicial detention and interrogation of Guantanamo captives.

It publishes articles aimed at the camp's guards, interrogators, and administrative staff that offer a different perspective on the detention than that offered to the general public.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

On April 23, 2007 twelve troopers from the 241st Mobile Public Affairs Detachment arrived in Guantanamo to take over Public Affairs at Guantanamo, including the publication of The Wire.[4][12][13]

The publication and excerpts from it have been included in a fictionalized account of military life at Guantanamo.[14]


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