The Wagner Sirens

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The Wagner Sirens  
Cover of The Wagner Sirens
Language English
Series Robo Machines Featuring Challenge of the GoBots
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher World International Publishing
Publication date 1985
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 40
ISBN 0723578133
Preceded by The Weeds of Calcheron

The Wagner Sirens is a children's book published by World International Publishing in 1985 as part of the GoBots series. It has 40 pages.[1]


The Renegades Cy-Kill, Geeper-Creeper and Doctor Braxis use the sirens of the planet Wagner 11 against the Guardians. Turbo, Road Ranger, Matt Hunter and A.J. Foster defeat them.


  • Characters appearing in this book include the GoBots Cy-Kill, Geeper-Creeper, Road Ranger and Turbo, as well as the humans Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster, and Doctor Braxis.
  • Only the GoBots Turbo and Cy-Kill are refered to by name in the book. Despite having major rolls, Geeper-Creeper and Road Ranger are just called "the jeep" and "the lorry" for the entire book.
  • The colorist doesn't seem to know A.J. is black in the cartoon.
  • The Guardian's human allies are called "The Command Center cadets"
  • No author or artist is credited in this book.
  • This book is fourth in a series of four, following book number three, The Weeds of Calcheron.


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