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Poison Ivy
[[File:File:Moneybagg Yo wife.png|frameless|alt=]]
Poison Ivy iconic green hair
Born Alexisua La'Paris Richardson
September 9, 1994 (1994-09-09) (age 29)
Other names Eve, Wockesha,
Occupation Spiritualist
Years active 2020-present

Four Pockets Full

God's Revelation
Known for Cache 42 Kitchen and Cocktails , Wockesha
Children 3

Alexisua Richardson (born September 09, 1994) is an American Rapper known for her prophecies and known professionally as Poison Ivy.[1] She became known because of her spiritual gifts, her ability to hear the creator's voice as she prophecy, her profound tarot readings, and her entertaining songs. Poison Ivy also recently dated rapper Lil Baby shortly after her son's father Moneybagg Yo. Moneybagg Yo refers to Poison Ivy a love addiction which he nicknamed " Wockesha" then made a song about the personification of how he keeps coming back to her because her love is like the drug, "lean". In June 2023 after their most recent breakups, Moneybagg Yo made another song called "F My BM" explaining how Poison's psychic abilities were accurate. Poison Ivy can be found in public places giving prophetic readings to people without having to use tarot cards to deliver any messages or readings from the creator.

Alexisua Richardson's artistry name originated from The Hebrew meaning of the words "Poison" and "Ivy". She's previously stated that her name: "Poison" in Hebrew means "antidote"; and "Ivy" means "God's gift". She also influences on TikTok and Youtube while giving spiritual readings to users across the United States. Alexisua has shared that 1 year after she graduated high school, started working at a nightclub in Tuscaloosa, AL that goes by "The Playhouse" and also started to premiere in music videos as a video vixen. In 2017, Poison Ivy recorded her first song: Good P**** for entertainment purposes. [2] Since then, she has posted several other songs, but she remains under the radar when it comes to a music career.

Early Life

Poison Ivy graduated from Gordo High School in the year 2013; just three years before her social media expansion.[3] Poison Ivy was known as just an entertainer before she became affiliated with celebrities. She grew up in Alabama dancing with her friends, making blog videos, and being a wig enthusiast.


Summer 2022, Poison launched a luxury lash line. During Spring 2023, Moneybagg Yo partnered with Poison Ivy to create an elegant dining and nightclub experience at their restaurant, Cache 42 Kitchen And Cocktails, located in Memphis, TN. Poison Ivy continued to offer spiritual services that could be booked on her website until the end of the year 2023. Although Poison Ivy has several attributes; she is mostly known for her association with celebrities and she is classified as a "celebrity spiritualist". Poison stated that she used her prophecies and spiritual gifts to catapult the proof of God's existence. She started using prophecies to expose the treachery she had experienced from celebrities that were copying her persona, looks, and creative endeavors. One notable example is the emulation of how Poison Ivy initially came into the industry under the radar. Poison Ivy's style and dance moves have been copied by a few celebrities. [1]

Personal Life

Poison Ivy has three children. She started back dating Moneybagg Yo in 2020, but they were on and off until Poison Ivy began dating rapper Lil Baby in December 2022. As of April 2024, Poison Ivy is no longer dating Lil Baby.[2][3][4]


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