The Rare Flame (film)

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The Rare Flame is a 2022 Chinese romantic comedy-drama film directed by Chen Kaige. The film stars are Wang Yibo, and Zhenwei Wang. If follows [Chinese-American] student, Daiyu Zhao (Chen Han) who believes that her high school professor, Robert Lee (Wang Yibo) is her twinflame and embarks on a spirtual journey after he travels to a different country. Desperate and longing for his love and attention, Daiyu will literally do anything to have him by her side, even if it means changing herself physically, emotionally, and moraly. The film was announced in December of 2021. The actors signed on in the fall of 2021.

The Rare Flame is set to be released theatrically in February of 2022 on Valentine's Day, February 14, in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, and Mexico.


After developing a minor crush on her freshman mathematics teacher, Robert Lee, Daiyu a sixteen year old high school student,falls into a deep love cycle and goes through the heartbreak, anticipation, and pain of believing that she will one day reunite with him. Ready for this love, Daiyu embarks on a love journey across the world to find the key to fighting the shadow figures and lurking enemies ready to do whatever it takes to keep them apart.