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The Kuma
BMOG Toys character
The Kuma box
Created by

Species Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt

Alternate mode

Scorpion/2 bears and 2 mantas/an arsenal of weapons

Bounty Hunter

The Kuma is a fictional character from Prize Inside! as part of their BMOG line in 2018.


The Kuma is a combined form of four exclusive BMOG bounty hunters, Blazzon (Toxic Spill bear), King Azure (Heroic Blue bear), Eventight (Toxic Spill manta) and Hammerfall (Heroic Blue manta). The four can split into weapons or combine into a mechanical scorpion named Seraphazor or humanoid robot.


The Kuma is a Exclusive figure-set for RetCon 2018. The set is made up of the standard Toxic Spill and Heroic Blue bear and manta BMOG toys with an additional exclusive sticker set and Shapeways head. Limited to 40 pieces which cost 275 SEK (about $30 US) a piece, these figures sold out at RetCon 2018.[1]


Fictional biography

The Kuma brothers, Blazzon and King Azure, are notorious bounty hunters. They scour the galaxies alongside their junior partners Eventight and Harnmerfall for the energy form of Lagom, hailing from the mythical Ore-X. No job is too small, no target is too big — as long as they are paid in precious Lagom.

In bear form Blazzon is the faster of the two brothers, but what King Azure may lack in speed he makes up for in brute force. Both brothers are able to separate into multiple types of weaponry, each component powered by a shard of their respective spark. In weapon mode Eventight can cut any material with his razor-sharp blade, while Hammerfall will strike with powerful sonic tremors upon impact.

The Kuma brothers combine into the mighty scorpion form of Seraphazor, able to process Lagom through powerful rotating mandibles and convert it into the only kind of energy that can sustain the brothers. Seraphazor is armed with powerful tail-mounted flamethrower capable of melting most alloy. While built like a tank he is still extremely agile when on the move. For a short period of time Seraphazor can transform into robot mode, but this form is very unstable and severely limited in mobility.


  • Bmog Toys The Kuma (2018)
The Kuma is a Retron 2018 exclusive set of BMOG toys which includes a unique Shapeways printed head, a sticker sheet, a set retail of Toxic Spill and Heroic Blue BMOG bear and manta sets.



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