The Aquatics Project

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The Aquatics Project (commonly referred to as simply Aquatics) was a school report submitted to Angley School in Kent by Chris Row and Jon Tremain. In spite of the title, which refers to subjects related to water in general, the report concerned sea creatures. While these were predominantly fish they also included crustaceans. The report was the most highly celebrated in the history of year 8 science and led to the two authors being garnered with a total of 84 merits between them.


The report was partly supervised by head of science Mr Marsh who quickly realised the scale of ambition of the two young students. However, it later became clear that the project was growing at an unprecedented rate and was going to supersede all previous conceptions of what a year 8 project could achieve.


Some previous students have complained that the report relied too heavily on source material from the Encarta 96 Encyclopaedia and that this might be considered plagiarism. These accusations withstanding Angley School has consistently refused to recall the merits.

It has also been suggested that the title does not properly reflect the content and that "Sea Creatures" would be more appropriate since other aspects of water focussed enquiry are almost entire absent.