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Thái Nguyên is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. It is a mountainous, midland province with a natural land area of 3,526.64 square kilometres (1,361.64 sq mi) and a population of 1,286,751 as of 2019. Its multi-ethnic society is composed of eight ethnic groups.[1][2]

With its rich mineral resources and salubrious climate, the province offers significant opportunities for industrial development for both domestic and foreign investors.[1] Thái Nguyên is also known as an educational centre and ranks 3rd nationwide, having 21 universities and colleges. The province is also the centre of tea industry in the country with an area of 16,000 ha. (second only to Lâm Đồng) with a production of per year. Its dried tea production is per year. The tea produced here is considered to have the finest quality throughout Vietnam.[1]
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