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Marvel Comics character
Marvel Comics Terminator art
First appearance

Rom volume 1 number 14, January 1981
Species Galadorian



Terminator is a fictional character created by Marvel Comics in 1981. He is a Spaceknight.

Marvel Comics

Terminator I

The original Terminator was a first generation Spaceknight. He originated in Thayri, a Galadorian space colony. His home planet was ravaged by a plague caused by the Dire Wraiths. When Galadorian medics arrived the youth who would become Terminator was the only survivor. To save his life, his brain patterns were transferred to a Spaceknight armor. He was the only one of the cyborgs who did not have a human body to await his return. While no Spaceknight was particularly sympathetic to the Dire Wraiths, Terminator was motivated by extreme hatred and anger towards them.

Terminator is first seen battling Dire Wraiths with Starshine.[1] Terminator acted rashly in combat, culminating in slaying an innocent being that just got in the way, and surrenders to his fellow Spaceknights Rom and Starshine.[2] They testified against him in a trial. He was found guilty and offered a choice between exile or death. Terminator chose death. His sentence was seemingly executed. However, Terminator was rescued by Mentus a recently created Spaceknight with his own agenda. He placed Terminator under his control, effectively treating him as a puppet.[3] He breaks into the Halls of Science killing a number of the Angel Elite on a mission to destroy the stored humanity of all the Spaceknights.[4] The Angel Elite respond to the attack and as they arrive, Terminator emerges carrying the cryogenic remains of Rom. He slays one of the Angels then blasts a hole into the underground sewer system and escapes. Terminator travels through the sewers and enters a portal that takes him to Mentus where he reports that he did not destroy the remains of all the Spaceknights.[5]

Rom later awakens and finds himself held in a stasis tube and confronted by his doppelganger and the evil Mentus who reveals that it was he who saved Terminator from execution, refashioned his armor into the likeness of Rom's, and grafted Rom's humanity into it. Rom frees himself and proceeds to a chamber where other Spaceknights had been frozen in suspended animation. Rom frees them and they find Mentus, Terminator and a group of Dire Wraiths. Mentus seeks to escape commanding Terminator and the Wraiths to attack. Rom fights Terminator and Starshine is able to use reason to break the mental grip Mentus had on Terminator who then proceeds to attack the Wraiths. The Prime Director warns the assembled Spaceknights of an even greater peril now approaching their homeworld of Galador, that of the Destroyer of Worlds – Galactus.[6] The cosmic being was planning to consume their planet. Terminator fought against him and Terrax. Galactus is enraged at Terminator's continued attack and kills him by feeding on his life energy.[7]

Powers and abilities

Liek all Spaceknights, Terminator has a cyborgh body with enhanced strength, durability, regeneration and the ability to fly. Terminator has black light eyebeams of force or intense cold. These beams can be used to kill or banish Dire Wraiths to Limbo.

Prince Balin

Prince Balin is the son of Rom and Brandy Clark, and is a third generation Spaceknight.

When the Builders come to Galador, Terminator helps defend the world along with Starshine, Ikon, Firefall, and Pulsar.[8]


  • Shapeways Microclone Terminator (2019)
A 1:72 scale figure based on Rom in the style of the Takara Diaclone Driver.


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