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This template makes a link in a box to a Wiktionary page. Wiktionary entries include definitions, etymology, and pronunciation, as well as synonyms, antonyms, and related terms. See also Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary.



If no parameter is supplied, the current page name will be the target, but the first letter is turned to lower case. Check whether it is correct.

You can also use:

{{Wiktionary|1st|2nd|...|5th}} (one up to five parameters, see Template Data below)

Linking to a search page

For internal link to Wiktionary search on a specific word, this code may be used:

[[wikt:Special:Search/search word|text to show]]


The template may be placed anywhere, such as the External links section, the beginning of the article or in the article's etymology section if one exists.

On disambiguation pages, place this template at the TOP of the page (on the first line of the edit screen). This is in accord with MOS:WTLINK.

See Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects for some recommendations about the best choice of template for various situations.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

See the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Wiktionary

<templatedata>{ "description": "Creates a small box with links to entries in Wiktionary.", "params": {

 "1": {
   "label": "First word",
   "description": "The first word to link to, case sensitive. If not specified it links to the pagename with the first letter changed to lower case.",
   "type": "string",
   "required": true
 "2": {
   "label": "Second word",
   "description": "Second word to link to.",
   "type": "string",
   "required": false
 "3": {
   "label": "Third word",
   "description": "Third word to link to.",
   "type": "string",
   "required": false
 "4": {
   "label": "Fourth word",
   "description": "Fourth word to link to.",
   "type": "string",
   "required": false
 "5": {
   "label": "Fifth word",
   "description": "Fifth word to link to.",
   "type": "string",
   "required": false


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