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There is no speedy deletion over notability here
This warning is being left on your talk page because you made what seemed to be a good faith request to delete a page due to a concern the topic was not notable, or you made a very similar request.
Wikialpha has looser inclusion rules than the wikipedia. Individuals who had an article deleted from the wikipedia are explicitly welcomed to port those articles here, so long as they don't match the criteria for speedy deletion in Wikialpha:CSD.
Notability is not a criteria for deletion here. Neither is an absence of references.
If you come across a page someone else created, that triggers your concern, but that concern is not one of those in Wikialpha:CSD, you can raise your concern on the relevant talk page, which should usually be the talk page associated with the page, or possibly the user talk of the contributor who authored the passage that concerned you. Please be polite.