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Place this tag on the talk page of a contributor who moved a page to the Deleted namespace.

They probably jumped to notion that this was how to request deletion of that page.

Please don't move articles to the Deleted namespace

Each namespace has a specific purpose. Material copied directly from the wikipedia is the only material that belongs in the Deleted namespace. The person responsible for the copy is supposed to (1) trim any metadata from the article that isn't supported here; (2) make sure it begins with the {{Wp-cca}} tag, that tells readers the material is available under the wikipedia's license; (3) make sure there is a list of all the wikipedia contributors on the article's talk page.

When all that has been done it is appropriate to move the article into the main article space.

The Deleted namespace is NOT supposed to be a place to put articles you think should be deleted.

See Wikialpha:CSD. It describes the tags wikialpha contributor are supposed to use for requesting deletion.

In particular, if you started an article, and you remain the sole contributor of its intellectual content, you are authorized to request its deletion with a {{db-requested}} tag.