Teletran Kit

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Teletran Kit

Teletran Kit box
Publisher BTS Toys
Genre Science Fiction

The Teletran Kit is a toy set made by BTS Toys in 2009 as a third-party Transformer accessories.

BTS Toys

The BTS-02DX Teletran Kit is an accessory set intended for use with the Animated, Classic, Titanium and Universe toys and the BTS-01 trailers. There are 7 different blasters in the set.[1]

1x Universe Tanker Blaster (Gun for Universe Tankor, based on Generation 1 Octane's gun)
1x C-Mode Adaptor Blaster (allows trailer hook-up as well) for Animated Deluxe Optimus Prime
1x E-Mode Adaptor Blaster (allows trailer hook-up as well) for Animated Voyager Optimus Prime
1x Drag Blaster for Universe Drag Strip
1x Rod Photon Rifle for Classic Rodimus
1x Rod adaptor Ion Thruster (allows trailer hook-up as well) for Classic Rodimus
1x WW-Type Magnus Adaptor (allows trailer hookup) for Titanium War Within Ultra Magnus
1x A-Mode Grapple Arm upgrade for various trailers


In September 2009 Big Bad Toy Store released images of the Teletran Kit prototypes.[2]



  • BTS Toys BTS-02DX Teletran Kit (2009)
An original mold. Contains 7 gun/adapters, which can act as weapons or as trailer adapters for the BTS-01 trailer. Also contains a robot arm for the BTS-01 trailer.




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