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Tektite Industries is a New Jersey-based manufacturing company that specializes in the production and distribution of a wide range of lighting products and knives. The company was founded in 1990 and has established itself as a leader in the industry, known for its innovative use of LED technology and its commitment to producing high-quality, reliable products. Tektite Industries is mindful of its impact on the environment and the community.[1][2]

Scott Mele is the founder and President of Tektite Industries.[3]


Headquartered in Trenton, NJ,[4] Tektite Industries makes flashlights, replacement bulbs, dive lights, signaling lights, diving knives, survival knives, and strobes. Tektite's lights, strobes, and knives are used everywhere, from the military to extreme sports. Tektite has expanded its product line from two products to more than 200[5] since 1990.

Tektite manufactures an extensive product line, in its vertically integrated factory. This includes the manufacturing and distribution of LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights, dive lights, strobes, signaling lights, and knives for the most rugged products in the outdoor, marine, industrial, public safety, and military markets.[6]

Unlike other manufacturers, Tektite lights are made in the US, with the company molding its plastic parts, assembling its electronics, and machining and stamping its metal parts in its New Jersey factory or locally. The company also uses US-made batteries whenever possible and buys US-made machine tools and equipment for its factory.


Tektite Industries offers two brands, Tektite and Tekna,[7] provides private label and custom solutions and licenses its patented technology to brands in the lighting industry.

One of the key features of Tektite's product line is its connection to the original Tekna company founded in 1978 by Ralph Osterhoudt. The original company was broken up and sold in 1990, with various product lines being sold to different manufacturers. Tektite became involved in 1990 by producing diving flashlights for the new Tekna/Ocean Edge scuba company. This resulted in the re-shoring of the manufacture of those products from Asia and Europe to the U.S.

Sustainable business model

Tektite Industries is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, with its sustainability extending beyond its manufacturing processes. The company considers the complete product life cycle when designing its products, using 20% pre-consumer industrial plastic scrap in its plastic components and recommending using zero-mercury US-made alkaline batteries. Its packaging is reusable or recyclable and contains recycled paper and plastics whenever possible. The company also practices energy conservation and recycling, using energy-efficient lighting and machinery controls and implementing single-stream recycling dumpsters, wastewater reduction, landfill volume, and energy savings.

Tektite manufactures products that are specifically designed to reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment. Tektite's efforts have resulted in the reduction of 1 million pyrotechnic flares out of landfills/circulation.

Corporate social responsibility

Tektite is committed to supporting the local community. It works with various local organizations and charities and gives back to the community through donations, sponsorships, and other forms of support. Tektite has been working with The Arc Mercer for more than 15 years,[8] providing work opportunities to people with special needs.


Tektite Industries was founded in September 1990 by Scott Mele, as a garage start-up. Mele was inspired by Jacques Cousteau, the Tektite Projects, as well as other undersea research endeavors.

The Tektite Habitat was the underwater lab used in the Tektite Projects, and it was scheduled for scrapping in 1990. Mele decided to name his company Tektite Industries partially as a tribute to the Tektite Projects and the pioneering spirit of exploration and innovation they represented.

Tektite Industries immediately moved into the global sales arena. Mele corralled contacts by exhibiting at the DEMA diving trade show in Houston, where he hung a sign saying, Export Distributors Invited. Mele was an international sales manager at a similar business before he launched Tektite, so he knew about the global opportunities.[9]

The following year, the company designed and manufactured the Chemical Lightstick Alternative Mark-Lite, designed to reduce solid waste produced by chemical sticks. Over the years, Tektite Industries has developed into a vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturer that produces specialty lighting products, incorporating leading-edge technology.[10]

Tektite acquired the Tekna brand and production tooling for various Tekna knives and flashlights during 2004-2006.

Tektite has been working with The Arc Mercer since 2004, providing employment opportunities to people with special needs.

During the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tektite Industries modified its manufacturing facility at 309 N. Clinton Avenue to accommodate the production of face masks and face shields.[11]

Featured in

Some of Tektite's products have been featured in films such as The Fight Plan [12] and Thirteen Lives,[13] and television programs like How it’s Made, Cool Tools, and Fear Factor.[14]


  • New Jersey Governor’s Cup for Entrepreneurial Excellence Finalist, 1993, 1994
  • US Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award, 2012
  • Recognized as a sustainable business by the State of New Jersey, 2019[15]


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