Taylor Byron Barr

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Taylor Byron Barr
Born 24 October 1986 (1986-10-24) (age 34)
Diamond Bar, California
Residence Los Angeles, California
Occupation American Actor
Notable works Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive -in
Height 6' 2"

Taylor Byron Barr (born October 24, 1986) is an American actor who is known for his roles in the movies "Pussie Control" and "Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive-in."

He is an actor, model, and social media sensation who is gradually growing to fame with the help of his unmatched dedication towards work.

Throughout his childhood, the entertainment industry was his inspiration. Before he made his debut in movies, he began as a model. He believes in the art of professionalism and wants his work to speak for itself.

Social justice and health care are his recurring topics during discussions. Taylor Byron Barr is an incredibly humble human being; he takes great pride in what he has accomplished so far and is still determined to make a name for himself.