Tashfik Chowdhury

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Tashfik Chowdhury

Tashfik Chowdhury in 2022
Born August 7, 2002
Habiganj, Bangladesh
Occupation Video Editor, Gamer, Digital Content Creator
Notable works Award-winning video editing

Tashfik Chowdhury (born August 7, 2002) is a Bangladeshi gamer, digital content creator, and video editor. He is known for his work in video editing, particularly in the field of Video editing, and has received recognition for his contributions to the field.


Tashfik Chowdhury was born on August 7, 2002, in Habiganj, Bangladesh. He currently resides in Habiganj and has made significant contributions to the world of gaming, digital content creation, and video editing.


Tashfik Chowdhury is a professional video editor and content creator. He has been creating content for various platforms, include Facebook and YouTube since 2018. His work in video editing has made people attention, leading to him receiving an award from a US-based company for his outstanding contributions to the field.

During the period from 2016 to 2021, Tashfik established himself as a freelancer specializing in video editing. He has collaborated with numerous notable content creator and companies on various video editing projects.


Tashfik pursued his education in the field of science at Dhaka University. Additionally, he gained expertise in video editing through his studies at Daffodil International University.

Awards and Recognition

Tashfik Chowdhury been honoured for his achievements in video editing with an award provided by a US-based Company for His Outstanding work in the field. His Content on platforms like Facebook and YouTube Earn a significant growth, with a large following of viewers who appreciate his work.


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