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KuBainBao character
Tank box
Created by

Aliases Megatron, Megatronus
Species Transformer
Occupation Gladiator

Alternate mode


Tank is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Megatron made by KuBainBao in 2015.


Tank is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Megatron. He should not be confused with the Gobots character named Tank.


Tank was released in December 2015.


Fictional biography

Megatron is usually depicted as having risen up from the lowly worker to become a champion in gladiatorial combat. As a gladiator, he took the legendary name "Megatronus" as his own and would similarly inspire a later villainous character. He called for an end to his planet Cybertron's corrupted governing body and told the downtrodden that freedom of self-determination was the right of all sentient beings, becoming a mentor to the young Optimus Prime. Prime would later use his teachings against him when he became corrupt. He has the ability to transform between his robot shape and various weapons or vehicles, but these "alternate-modes", his origins and even personality, can vary depending on which "universe" he's seen in. This origin is considered the most consistent between the various incarnations. Further differences are listed in the respective sections below.


  • KuBainBao Tank (2015)
A mold based on Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron and DX9 Toy Amor Set. Turns from tank to robot. Comes with an additional Armada inspired head.
The on-box biography for Tank was copied directly from the opening of the Wikipedia page for Megatron.[1]



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