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WikiAlpha:Criteria for speedy deletion

Let's talk about WikiAlpha:Criteria for speedy deletion now. Please disregard any of my previous comments, and let's start completely again, completely from scratch.

We are following the procedure for CSD Criterion #3, and nothing else.

Azrael Jorithian Djayaprawira had been deleted in good faith due to the following.

3. Author requests deletion
If the author of a page or file is the only substantial contributor, they may request that it be deleted if they so wish. Note that this does not apply to user talk pages, which are never deleted, and that these requests are not binding. Add {{Db-requested}}.

We would like to follow the same procedure that User:SomeDude had followed for Azrael Jorithian Djayaprawira.

User:Ranarian, User:TimesSquares, and User:Albnwunne are the only 3 substantial contributors to the page Trisha Paravas. All 3 of us would like to unanimously vote to delete it because we so wish, and all 3 of us can sign here indicating our unanimous deletion request. Thank you! TimesSquares (talk) 09:52, 10 December 2020 (UTC)

This content may meet WikiAlpha’s criteria for speedy deletion because the author is the only substantial contributor to the page and has requested the deletion in good faith.