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Arash Rezaei
Born 20 January 1986 (1986-01-20) (age 38)
Known for Chairman, Author, Speaker ®️

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Arash Rezaei is a young entrepreneur who is driven by a vision to help others to succeed and write their own epic success stories.

Someone whose business aims to help others to succeed. Young, startup businesses look for funds and the right partners to help them flourish, grow and succeed.

Assisting and helping to establish that link between startup businesses among themselves and with those who can help them build their businesses legacy has become his passion.

Author of Be Epic

The book written over 20 years of love, passion and wildness.

Originally written to show others that they can achieve anything by having the right mindset but soon evolved into being more than that, to become the story of a man who lived in three worlds as a troubled youngster to a successful businessman.

Having lived amongst the wealthy crowd, common folks and an underworld of darkness, Arash Rezaei over time learnt that there are many lessons or even ideas, but the basis of all logic points to one clear understanding brighter than any other.

And that is that every action is based on a right or wrong belief from the perspective of the person acting.

Thus limited to the real understanding of what truly is correct as their limitations are the edge of understanding to them.

International Speaker

As an exclusive business speaker, Arash Rezaei is a firm believer the day that the last person who remembers you says your name for the last time, is the day that you die.

For your legacy is your immortality, you have been given a life in an infinite universe where anything is possible.

Nobody will help you find your purpose and so many are hopelessly comfortable with being mediocre that they are inured to it.

You live in a world where 100% is not good enough to become a legend, get your mindset right and claim what is yours.

Touch the lives of others by being that someone they are looking to look up to.


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Integrity Always ®️

The idea of moral responsibility presupposes the presence of an inner motivation, so if our inner motivation is pure our actions will naturally be of compassion towards others and ourselves, thus it is through compassion that all of our ethical values can be built and the core principles of our existence.

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