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[[File:SurajRofficial.jpeg|{{safesubst:#invoke:Math|min}}px|alt=|SurajR in Punjab in February 2020]]
SurajR in Punjab in February 2020
Background information
Birth name Suraj Singh
Born 15 November 1997
  • Music Producer
  • YouTuber
  • Keyboards
  • turntables
  • piano
Years active 2015–present

Suraj Singh, known professionally as SurajR, is an Indian YouTube Personality[1] based in Punjab India. SurajR (Suraj Singh) YouTube entertainer, blogger & more on their YouTube channel (SurajR). He Also Started Self-Publishing Books On Amazon And Google Play Book Store. Suraj Singh Aka SurajR Was Born On 15 November 1997 in Ludhiana, Punjab. ‘SurajR’ is a Young and Dynamic Social Media Celebrity Manager, Instagram Model, Author, and Downtempo Song Composer. SurajR Made More Than 500+ Individual Influencers, And collaborating with foreign Companies. He Started Learning Digital Marketing By Blogging, later-on He Started Self-Publishing Books On Amazon And Google Play Book Store. SurajR is the Founder of SurajR Films. He Wants to Grow More and More in this Field of Acting and Writing.

Early Life and Career

SurajR was born to a Punjab-based (now Mohali), Chandigarh. He began to start his career as a dancer. He began his career in rap in 2013 with Pranay recording songs and uploading them on social sites. SurajR released his debut mixtape Power of attorney with Garry Sidhu. He debuted in Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music with his 5 Tracks with Pranay. SurajR became known after releasing his song "Tumse hi " in 2014 with Pranay. Suraj Singh, better known as SurajR, is an Indian singer and Actor, Writer, Rapper and He was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack "Ik Vaari Tu Man Jaa" on After some days he releases his soundtrack on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Hungama, and many others. SurajR has released his soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms like Deezer, Tidal, Napster & many others. You get SurajR's music on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook library also. Basically, SurajR starts his career first as a YouTuber. But, later on, he enters the music field. Now if you search about SurajR then you will get all information about SurajR. YouTube officially verified his YouTube channel as an official artist. YouTube gives him a music verified badge on YouTube. Moreover, SurajR also verified people on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Suraj Singh Aka SurajR is not as rich as people use to say. He belongs to a middle-class family, where every person strives hard to get their basic amenities. Once a time he left his University due to financial condition then after a year he got an enrollment again in the same university(Chandigarh University) where he left his studies due to fees pending circumstance. SurajR said if you can think then you can do it as well doesn’t matter whether you thinking about flying without wings or want to be a rich as Ambani’s are. Without thinking you can’t accomplish your goals just think about your goals then think again that how it could be possible then think again that when you are going to start that thing which will the path of your success. So just think and go for it doesn’t stop repeating again don’t stop.

What’s exactly SurajR mean?

Well while an interview Suraj Singh Said: SurajR is my stage name that was given by his fellow-mate Gurpinder Singh Sidhu, Basically SurajR meaning is nothing but here R represents his Caste or Title that is Rajput. Is SurajR is an Author? Yes, SurajR is an Author because he writes quite marvelous, he has written a plethora of Poems books but never published yet, according to the source he is about to release his first-ever book based on fiction named Levenscyclus (Jeevan Chakra).[2] After the publishment of this book, he will become the youngest author from Ludhiana, Punjab. He also said he wrote 4 books but he is very excited to publish his 4th book first. Later on, he will publish the rest books.

Hope we will get a Hollywood/ Bollywood movie on SurajR’s Book so we can also see his content on the big screen dramatically.

SurajR is a Singer or Rapper?

Well, SurajR is better known as an artist he sings as well as he does Rap? He released his first lyrical rap track named as Chandigarh University Song Anthem, which is streaming on every music platform like AMAZON MUSIC, APPLE MUSIC, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, SAAVN, and many more. He said his strength is writing he writes a lot side by side he tries to Rap the lines which already written by him. Adding to it, He released many songs on every major music platform with his friend Pranay. Their own written songs are streaming worldwide. You can get their music albums on TIK-TOK, INSTAGRAM, INSTAGRAM REELS, and FACEBOOK LIBRARY, etc.

How SurajR becoming famous?

SurajR is becoming and getting fame as the day passes his social media profiles getting verified. He verified on Spotify, Musixmatch, Jio-Saavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and He is also verified on Microsoft Bing. He said in an interview that there is also a woman behind every successful person and we Indians call them MAA.

Personal Life

In this era of the competitive world where everyone wants to become a famous personality and wants to work with the heartthrob personalities, many are still struggling for the same. A boy named SurajR is proliferating the attention of the public day by day.

SurajR’s Full name is Suraj Singh, his father name is Ram Nandan Singh and his mother name is Chander Kanta

SurajR is an Indian Musical Artist, an Author, A singer, A Rapper, etc. He is from Ludhiana, Punjab. Just because his couple of videos on YouTube makes him globally famous after caught by people of India he started to make his career in the field of acting and singing.

Before he was known as an influencer, On Instagram he uses to promote paid promotion as well as he works with many well-known companies like amazon as an influencer. In 2020, he released his five own written and composed songs with PranayR globally, you can find their Original songs on every music platform like AMAZON MUSIC, APPLE MUSIC, ITUNES, SAAVN, and SPOTIFY. After schooling he enrolled in Chandigarh University for further education SurajR was pursued a Bachelor of Science in biological technology, unfortunately, he left the university due to financial as well as family issues, after which he works in the factory along with a chef and waiter.

Side by side he was thinking to do big so made it up and started work in Instagram [3] he did many paid collaboration on Instagram. Then, he enrolled again in the same subject with the same university now a day SurajR is a well-known student and an artist also. In the Chandigarh University Campus, he is doing pranks and all to just interacting with students of Chandigarh University. He is also the founder of A SurajR Films soon he will drop a short film on DISNEY HOTSTAR.

After many achievements, he did meet and greet with the Indian comedian ZAAKIR KHAN, on Jammu and Kashmir while his Show was sponsored by Insider.[4] (Zakir Khan is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, poet, presenter, and actor) He wants to meet his ideal Hrithik Roshan, SurajR said Hrithik Roshan is my role model, I started dancing since his first movie released ‘’Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”.

SurajR is a good example of every struggling person who wants to make his or her name because achieved many things in his years, from a waiter now he is becoming the famous personality of India. SurajR says if you are dreaming something big and think later that it could not be possible then you are completely wrong. Just dream big and start to complete your dreams and never stop in between.















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