Sudhashree Acharya

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Sudhashree Acharya

Photos of Sudhashree Acharya
Native name सुधाश्री आचार्य
Born 24 December, 1990
Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Musician
Known for Music
Height 5'4"

Sudhashree Acharya is an Indian Singer and Record Artist with a clear vision for the music industry. Working in many fields allowed her to gain information and experience; as a result, she worked diligently, resulting in some extraordinary mastery and expertise. Sudhashree Acharya imbues the world with life and her beautiful voice is enough to impress anyone.

Early Life

Born on 24 December 1990 in Siliguri, West Bengal, India, Sudhashree Acharya took the passion for singing and interest in higher education very seriously when she was a kid. She aspired to have the best of both worlds, and she was fortunate enough to have her mother's support throughout the process. Her mother used to make her listen to and practice the all-time classics of Indian female singing diva Lata Mangeshkar. But she continued to pursue her education as well, and as a result, she was able to combine the best of both worlds says Sudhashree Acharya.


Talking about Sudhashree's educational qualification She is double master degree holder in MA(English) and MA(Education) and currently persuing Phd in the education system of South-East Asia. Along with her higher studies, she continued to pursue her love for music parallely in the same rhythm and completed her 5th Grade in Indian classical music from Bangiya Sangeet Parished. Sudhashree Acharya gives the phrase "beauty with intellect" a whole new meaning.


If we peep into her career as an artist Sudhashree has been an IVR expert, and has given her voice to the IVR service of India's formerly operating Telecom Service Provider AIRCEL. Sudhashree Acharya is the first-ever female to provide a voice to Indian Railways' IVR service in Nepali(Gorkha) regional language. Sudhashree is happy to have played a part in this fantastic pride moment in representing India's Gorkha population.

Sudhashree Acharya has several prestigious assignments. Due to her unique acoustic voice and magnificent method of dominance, she has a lovely and intriguing appearance that goes well with her glamour, and the way she communicates herself is one of the best characteristics that distinguishes her. As a result, she puts in lot of effort, which enabled her to achieve exceptional knowledge and competency.


Sudhashree Acharya's professional debut is anticipated with bated breath by her followers. Sudhashree is getting ready to hit the musical gear with her Bollywood debut with four Hindi songs, including "Karey Mora Piya", Jagu Main," "Zara," and "Aajana." For the Bengali fans "O Sona" and "Tumi Je Aamar" are two of her personal favourite songs awaited for a release. As a result, she is rising to take the musical world of Bollywood by storm.


In addition to her excellent voice, Sudhashree Acharya's attractiveness and stylish way of presenting herself have made her perfect for her breakthrough on camera as well. Preparations are underway for the rising star's spectacular Bollywood debut. She is currently one of the most gifted musicians stepping into this dream world and her soulful voice definitely will be a gift to the industry.