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Streetwise is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. The original Streetwise was a member of the Protectobot team introduced in 1986. He is also known as Streetstar.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Streetwise/Streetstar
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Timelines
Transformers: Generations
English voice actor Peter Cullen
Function Interceptor
Motto "You have to know where you are before you know what to do."
Partner Groove, First Aid, Blades, Hot Spot and Spark
Rank 5
Sub-group Convention exclusives, Deluxe vehicles, Protectobots

Streetwise is a member of the Protectobots who turns into a police car.

He usually forms a limb of Defensor and sometimes White Convoy Grand Prime.

Fictional biography

Generation 1

Nothing escapes his notice... amazing capacity to adapt to understand his environment. Clever and determined -- nothing deters him from seekinmg his prey -- except an empty fuel tank. As car, has powerful double-mounted air-compressor cannon with 50 mile range; as robot uses blinding photon pistol. With fellow Protectobots forms "Defensor". Sometimes overheats as car.


Nothing escapes his notice...and now it is even more difficult for the Decepticons to notice him! Having been exposed to Forestonite, Streetstar has gained the ability to phase through solid objects at will. Though not a Generation 2 Transformer by design, he now feels more at home among the other G2 Autobots due to his new abilities. Stationed at Autobot City, he, and the other Forestonite enhanced Autobots from the Prime era, fight alongside Spark and the rest of his next generation comrades!

Animated series

The Transformers

Streetwise first appears in the US Transformers television series in episode 63, "The Revenge of Bruticus" with no explanation as to where he or the other Protectobots came from.

Streetwise last appears in the US animated series in the episode "The Rebirth Part 3."

Streetwise had no significant roles in the animated series and served as merely another foot-soldier and a limb for Defensor.

Transformers: The Headmasters

Streetwise appears in episode 27 of the Japanese Headmasters series, called "The Miracle Warriors - The Targetmasters (Part 1)." Spike orders the Protectabots, Technobots and Trainbots to destroy the abandoned Decepticon headquarters on Earth. Combined into Defensor, Computron and Raiden the Autobots quickly demolish the building.


Dreamwave Productions

The Protectobots are featured in their Cybertronian forms in the second installment of the War Within comic series. In this chapter of Transformer history (which takes place long before contact with Earth), the Protectobots are a vigilante squad of peacekeepers. While loosely affiliated with the Autobots, they are a splinter group (as are most other special teams).

In issue #2 of the third Generation One series, titled "Black Sunshine", the Protectabots are ordered by Prowl to inventigate the energy anomaly created by Sunstorm escaping Shockwave's abandoned secret lab. When they arrive they discovered the hole left in the roof by Sunstorm and the deactivated Battlechargers Runabout and Runamuck. Streetwise reports back to Prowl as First Aid repairs the Decepticons.

Fun Publications

Streetwise was among the troops under the command of Spark on Earth.[1]

Spark commands an Autobot shuttle crewed by Blaze, Hubcap, Sideswipe, Streetstar and Windbreaker into space where they intercept a distress call from Spike Witwicky on the planet Nebulos. When the Autobots arrive on Nebulos they meet Spike and Carly Witwicky, Chip Chase and the Autobots Brainstorm, Chromedome, Crosshairs and Highbrow who inform them that the Nebulan scientist Hi-Q is missing. They learn from Hi-Q's assistant Hi-Test that Hi-Q had security monitors and through them discover the scientist was kidnapped by the Decepticons Runabout and Runamuck.[2]

Marvel Comics

Appearances exclusive to the UK Transformers comics are in italics.

Streetwise and the Protectobots first appeared in issue #63/64 of the Marvel UK Transformers comics, as a dream message from the Creation Matrix to Buster Witwicky observed by Optimus Prime, Shockwave and Soundwave. This issue also saw the introduction of the Stunticons, Comabaticons and Aerialbots.

Streetwise and the Protectobots appeared in issue #24 of the Marvel Transformers comics, where it is assumed they were built on Earth by the Autobots and given life by Optimus Prime using the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. [3]

Streetwise appears in the 1987 UK Christmas story "Stargazing", where he attacked Starscream, thinking that he was attacking a bus full of senior citizens.

TFcon comics

Streetwise appeared in the TFcon 2009 voice actor play prelude comic Game Face.

Streetwise appeared in the TFcon 2009 voice actor play Bee for, Bee now.[4]

Transformers: Mosaic

Streetwise appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "Discrete Conduct" by Luke Barnett.[5]



  • Generation 1 Protectobot Streetwise (1986)
An original mold.
Streetwise was recolored into the Autobot Streetstar for the 1992 Guard City set.[6]
  • Generation 2 Protectobot Streetwise (unreleased)
Prototypes of recolors of all the Protectobots were released for the Generation 2 toy line, but they never made it to general release. The few that were produced are considered highly collectible.[7]
  • Timelines Deluxe Streetstar (2010)
A BotCon 2010 exclusive, this figure is a recolor of Universe Classic Series Deluxe Prowl in black and red, similar to the colors of the unreleased Generation 2 Streetwise toy.[8][9][10]
  • Generations Deluxe Streetwise (2015)

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Name Streetwise
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Formula-1 race car
Sub-group Micromasters, Protectobots

A Micromaster Protectabot named Streetwise was released in the Transformers: Universe line in 2004.

3H Enterprises

This version of Streetwise appeared in his combined form of Defensor in issue 2 of the Transformers: Universe comic as one of the Transformers escaping Unicron's captivity.

Fun Publications

According to the Fun Publications Ask Vector Prime stories this Streetwise comes from Aurex 1104.30-DB Zeta, part of the Unicron Trilogy series. Defensor was born from Doctor Brian Jones's attempts at reverse-engineering Maximus combiner technology and applying it to Mini-Con anatomy. Superion, Defensor, and Rail Racer fought Devastator in the Combiner Wars during the Unicron Singularity crisis.


  • Universe Micromaster Streetwise (2004)
Streetwise is the US name of former Japanese exclusive toy Circuit. A Kaybee toy store exclusive. He became the left arm or Defensor. Streetwise came with the radar and left hand for Defensor.

Shattered Glass Generation 1

Streetwise is an evil Autobot who plays base guitar and provides backup vocals in the heavy metal rock band "The Protectobots".[11]


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